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Eugene Vandal

Artist Statement

Being completely self-taught, Eugene's work has always focused on the minute details of nature. His unique style of realism now incorporates an enhanced flavour in the form of unusual and vivid colours. This puts a whole new perspective on nature. Eugene also likes to use many centers of interest within his paintings, which keeps the viewers eye constantly moving within the work.

All my paintings are done from photographs, which are first modified on my computer. "As an artist I am still constantly drawn to nature, always looking for that perfect scene of colour, light and shadow. This can be in the form of a panoramic landscape or a simple mushroom growing at the base of a moss covered stump. I enhance what Mother Nature has laid before me, eliminating what is unnecessary and focusing on what initially caught my eye. This method creates the drama I want in my work."




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Eugene Vandal, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Black Sand Beach, Porphyry Island, Medium: Acrylic, Size: 20" X 16", Year Created: 2019, Price: $450.00
Eugene Vandal, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Island, Algoma District, Medium: Acrylic, Size: 10" X 20", Year Created: 2019, Price: $400.00
Eugene Vandal, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Sunrise Over the Fields, Medium: Acrylic, Size: 24" X 18", Year Created: 2020, Price: $500.00
Eugene Vandal, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: The Gathering, Medium: Acrylic, Size: 36" X 36", Year Created: 2018, Price: $2,500.00
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