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Brian Holden

Artist Statement

My perception of the physical world and emotional response to it is the basis of my art, interpreted by drawing, painting, carving & printing onto paper surfaces. Employing careful observation I explore the delicate interplay existing between structure, form, colour, shadow and light. Landscape and the natural world are the prominent components in my work. Time spent in northern wilderness areas through my life has established a strong personal relationship to the land. The region I reside in harbours an amazing biodiversity found in the wilderness.

I've chosen to illustrate an interconnectedness that exists between the landscape, living things and the elements. These studies might serve as an archive as forces of change proceed to alter these habitats and ecosystems. Source material is acquired from photographs and sketches. This is translated via a variety of disciplines. Time is spent developing the image and no matter what discipline is employed, each presents a set of challenges forcing me to think and learn from, to expand my levels of skill with that medium.

I use various techniques that include painting, serigraphy. relief block, etching and collagraph. I also implement traditional hand printing methods with current non-toxic materials in the studio and add painting to some of the work. My belief is that I am a guest in the wilderness and it is not my intention to disturb the delicate balance established by nature, but to relay my observations and experiences through my artwork.
Brian Holden




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Brian Holden, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Cove study Pukaskwa, Medium: watercolour, Size: 11.5 X 18 cm, Framed: Yes, Year Created: 2019,
Brian Holden, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Colourful sky early evening, Medium: watercolour, Size: 7.5 X 7.5 cm, Year Created: 2020
Brian Holden, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Near Rossport, Medium: relief print, Size: 14.5 X 19.5 cm, Framed: Yes, Year Created: 2019
Brian Holden, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Pukaskwa driftwood beach, Medium: relief print, Size: 13 X 18 cm, Framed: Yes, Year Created: 2009
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