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Abhi Rao

Artist Statement

I am a potter in exploration, who likes to throw both functional and sculptural pieces. Coming from a culture that largely sustains itself through narratives, both literal and mythical, I look for opportunities to express my understanding of the world where the mythical narratives intersect with the real. 

Clay being such a plastic medium provides me with a tangible interface to shape narratives that have played a part in shaping my own ever-changing perceptions of the world, which constantly shift and reshape themselves. Clay, therefore, represents to me as a literal metaphor of my own evolving psyche. I tend to use symbolic motifs in my pieces to frame visual narratives--motifs that represent water hold fascination for me, as water shares similar shape-changing and sustaining characteristics of clay. Therefore, motifs such as fish, moon, and lotus find expression in my pieces.


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Abhi Rao, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Fly Bird to the Light, Medium: White Stoneware and Jade, Size: 10 inches by 7 inches, Year Created: 2018
Abhi Rao, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Loss, Medium: Stoneware sculpture, Size: 8 inches by 6 inches, Year Created: 2014
Abhi Rao, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Lotus Series #3, Medium: Silk, Size: 25 inches by 25 inches, Year Created: 2019
Abhi Rao, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Title: Votive Series #7, Medium: Stoneware, Size: 16 inches by 7 inches, Year Created: 2018
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